The pulp of açaí is known and consumed worldwide, but few people know that from the same palm tree (açaizeiro) is extracted another delight of the Amazon: the heart of palm.


The açaizeiro is a main source of income for thousands of riverside in the region. The incentive to sustainable extractivism allows a solid continuity of the work developed by our company for more than forty years in the same locality in the municipality of Afuá, Amazon region in the North of Brazil.

The heart of palm is a vegetable taken from the upper part of the stem, the same palm tree of açaí, of a tender consistency and whitish color.

The production of Euterpe Oleracea Mart (açaizeiro) is highly sustainable due to its characteristic of tillering: a single foot has between 5 to 7 strains (stalks) where it is renewed with each extraction of the oldest trees that stop producing the fruit.

To produce the best quality açaí and for the life of the species in the forest, it is necessary to thin the açaizal from where the palm is extracted and the heart of palm is removed for consumption.

So many hands, dreams and histories in a single product, bringing with it the satisfaction of knowing that we have achieved, through the premises of shared value and family farming, a product extremely rich in work, quality and responsibility to nature.


Ouro negro da Amazônia.